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Meet Your 'Downtown Brooklyn***' Rental Tenant Neighbors

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There's some interesting info in this report titled "Who Recently Moved to/within Downtown Brooklyn***? But, before we get to that, here's why they are three asterisks after "Downtown Brooklyn": it's defined as Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Windsor Terrace. Are they insane or just from, you know, Ohio? Okay. We're done laughing. So, on to the stats assembled by Ideal Properties Group LLC about tenants who moved to (or within) Downtown Brooklyn (so-called) during the Q3 2008. For starters, their average age is 29.5 years, which is suspiciously short of the Big Three Zero. Also 83 per cent do not rent alone--they have significant others, families or rommates. Fifty-two percent of the renters are women. They make on average $72,342 a year and (rather bizarrely) work "freelance in the entertainment industry." The average rent they pay is $2,592. And, finally, joy of all joys, they are most likely to rent in Park Slope: "72% of tenants who explored rental options in Downtown Brooklyn ended up renting in this neighborhood." We now return to our regular programming.
· Who Recently Moved to Downtown Brooklyn? (PDF) [idealpropertiesgroup]