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Once Again, They Are Sexing It Up Loudly in Prospect Heights

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We do love a good screaming, screeching, pounding loud sex story from Prospect Heights and it's been a while since we've had one. Thankfully, the drought is over and the Prospect Heightsians are once again fornicating at loud volume:

I live on sterling and my neighbors not sure which one was having the loudest sex I have ever heard all day and night. Way too loud. I have really never heard sex that loud in my life that it was almost comical but more obnoxious than anything. Did anyone else hear it? I kind of don't know what to do if that is a regular thing.Asked if it wasn't just, you know, some porno on one of those surround sound monster systems they try to sell you at J&R, the original writer answered: "yes, I'm sure and it's been going on throughout the day. It's really irritating, hard to concentartae bec it's permeating through my walls. It's really not fun.Once in a while. fine. but c'mon." There are apparently many people who may be hearing the Passionate and Loud Lovers of Sterling Place, but we have to say this response which has to do with how they do it Canada, is the best of all:

When i lived in Vancouver Canada this would happen all the time...I lived on a street full of giant apartment buildings, this one couple would go at it and be EXTREMELY loud. they must have been 6-7 buildings down but they would leave there windows open and the sound of sex and moaning/yelling would echo the entire street. all the apt buildings had balconies and people would often respond to and laugh at all the horny moans and screams of passion, it was awesome and really funny.C'mon Brooklyn. Where's your damned pride? Are you going to let Canadians do it louder and better and have more fun with it? Our day is ruined.
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