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CurbedWire: LIC Goes Hollywood, Playing Willets Monopoly

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[Photos: Jill Lotenberg]

LONG ISLAND CITY?You'll recall, won't you, that personal trainer and Madonna babydaddy Carlos Leon designed the gym at over-amenitied LIC condo building Crescent Club. Call it want you want?savvy marketing move, LIC death rattle, etc.?but the Leon involvement does seem to bring attention to the building. At a party in the sales office last week, Access Hollywood showed up to interview Leon. That's him above, emoting on the topics of Madonna and Lourdes and physical fitness and whathaveyou. According to Crescent Club's PR (they sent us these photos), the segment will air on Thursday. LIC, you're a star, babe! [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLETS POINT?You didn't think the city's claim that it now controls 40% of the land at Willets Point would go unremarked upon by the Willets Point Industry and Realty Association, did you? They write: "They have intentionally left out the fact that these deals are only good if the Mayor's plan is approved by the City Council. They have included the streets which were always owned by the City to prop up the percentage. It is our belief that the EDC has contracts on less than 20% of the land. If the vote were today, the City would be asking the Council for authorization to use eminent domain on 80% of the land at Willets Point." [CurbedWire Inbox]