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Will Brooklyn's Fourth Ave. & 9th St. Ever Not Bite the Big One?

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Anybody who's ever gotten off the train at Fourth Avenue in Park Slope or who's walked the intersection knows that it bites in many, many ways. There is the chance one can get mowed down by a car, but more than that, it's simply about as fugly as things can get. Transportation Alternatives has had a competition for people to try to "reimagine" the hideous intersection and a jury picked some winners. We're a little (well, a lot) behind the curve on this, but would be remiss in not showing you visions of what Fourth Ave. and 9th Street will never look like even though they're really, really nice and any of them would be a massive improvement over the current shit show. Enjoy. There were 100 submissions from 13 countries. The three winners were "Shared Space" by Steven Miller of Somerville, MA, "Streets for Everyone" from Rogers Marvel Architects and "Streets Come Alive" from LEVON of Philadelphia. We dig the way that plan turns the median into a park and how the rendering lacks cars. More details about the competition here. In the meantime, the MTA has postponed plans to even renovate the subway station. Tough poop to swallow for Fourth Avenue condo buyers, nevermind the pretty renderings.
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