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Meanwhile, at the Hotel Chelsea: A Different Type of SpyGate

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The Hotel Chelsea blog Living With Legends reports that a "spy-cam disguised as a smoke detector" was recently "set up in the hallway of a resident who has been very outspoken against the new management." In any other building this would quality as an 8 or 9 on the weirdness scale, but not at the Chelsea, no siree. It's more like a 3, which is probably why someone cut out a photo of David Elder's head?he being one of the minority shareholders that forced out beloved hotel manager Stanley Bard some time ago?scrawled "Boo!" on it and put it up in front of the camera. Yes, that'll do just fine. According to Living With Legends, the camera has since been removed.
· Big Brother Mugwump Installs Secret Spy-Cam [Living With Legends]

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