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On the Racked: Rogan has Yoda, Wired Pop-Up is Back, Pockey Pockets @ T5, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) East Village: Kids, the sign outside the Rogan store has cryptic wisdom and it looks like designer Rogan Gregory has Yoda on retainer. The new sign says: "Bright lights and new dawns deserve you not a fresh start a modern look?" This means Barack wants you to go forth and shop.

2) Flatiron: Oh Christmas, why are you coming so quickly? We're still in Fourth of July mode. Anyway, the holiday pop-up shops are showing up. Wired's temporary store, which has become a regular holiday event in NYC, will rise at 15 West 18th Street and will be open for five weeks beginning November 21st. Wondrous gadgets, friends.

3) JFK: Spotted at Jet Blue's T5 per Racked: "Another awesome Japanese import. Forget the calm minimalism of Muji and feast your eyes on the hidden Pocky pocket of Kennedy Airport." Pockey Pocket!!!

4) Park Slope: Beacon's Closet, beloved by so many hipster bargain hunters is almost ready to move into its new digs on Fifth Avenue. The awning is up and the inside looks clean.