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Curbed Week in Review

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And, now, as you start your Saturday, have a look at some of our favorite Curbed posts of the week.

1) West Village: Chupi is still in CRISIS. In the nine months that it's been on the "official" market, the eighth- and ninth-floor duplex at upstart developer Julian Schnabel's Palazzo Chupi has seen its asking prices rise and fall from $27M to $32M to $29.5M and now it's a mere $23M. What's m next? Chupster, please. Please, hang in.

2) Nolita: The new building at 211 Elizabeth on the corner of Prince Street is showing the intricate olde-style brick that's been going up underneath. These ain't cheap bricks either.

3) Midtown East: The rendering of the windmill at the top of the tower on 34th Street has been released. A windmill!!!

4) Brooklyn Heights: Call it the Blood in the Water marketing strategy. One Brooklyn Bridge Park is now marketing itself by saying how bad the market sucks. Bet they sell come units.

5) Williamsburg: The fast-growing Union Triangle on Union Avenue near Metropolitan Avenue got another boost this week when plans to build a new hotel surfaced.

6) Brooklyn: Our culture suffered a body blow when the King of Brooklyn Architecture, Robert Scarano, pulled all the renderings of his buildings from his website.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY

Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014