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A Guide to the Secret of the Theatre Condos' Success

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So, while we were out stuffing our faces, The Real Deal ran an update on the Theatre Condominium, the conversion of the old St. Marks Cinema at Second Avenue in the East Village into, uh, this place. The seven units that make up the first phase of the project sold out in a month, you see, which is evidence that the market is healthy. Or something. Actually, the story and its quotes from the Theatre Condominium's developers are so aggressively defensive that it was a little uncomfortable to read, lest we be punched in the face if we dare to disagree that the Theatre Condominium is both the savior of Manhattan real estate and a harbinger of world peace. So who bought the darn things? To save you the trouble of reading, we've highlighted the characteristics of the buyers as stated in the article. Developer friends: Target this exact demographic and wind up on the road to riches!
· Seven units sell swiftly in Theatre Condo [Real Deal]
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