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High Line Update: Straddlers Soldier On, Spur Needs Saving

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This morning's bit of High Line trivia, that 15 Central Park West (and some other stuff) starchitect Robert A.M. Stern is plotting a pair of towers?economy permitting!?at the 18th Street High Line entrance isn't the only update on our favorite abandoned railway/park-in-the-sky and its spin-offs:

1) The High Line Building, aka 450 West 14th Street: Humming along after construction took forever to get going. Vanishing New York provides the construction shot seen at right. This is developer Charles Blaichman's new MePa office building, designed by architect Morris Adjmi to be 10 stories of glass added to the top of an old brick meatpacking plant that straddles the tracks. Located mere steps away from the 14th Street High Line entrance.

2) The Standard: The other High Line-straddling building, André Balazs' luxury boutique hotel, is on the verge of its soft-opening, though the lobby and most of the building remains unfinished. Still, Vanishing New York also managed to get a shot of "honeycombed walls frantically being painted alabaster white by hurried workers" in the lobby. See the madness after the jump.

3) The High Line: Ah yes, the park itself. Friends of the High Line reports that Hudson Yards developer Related will present its revised plan for the Eastern Rail Yards at a public forum tonight. The plans will include the 10th Avenue Spur, the portion of the High Line that curves west at 30th Street and rings around the yards. However, this northernmost chunk of the High Line is far from safe, so FHL is enticing supporters to show up and make their voices heard with some cool "Save the Spur" swag.

Adds VNY: "In the window's reflection, you can almost make out the homeless encampment across the street, where men huddle under blankets and sheets of cardboard against the pigeon shit-stained side of the death-reeking meatpacking plant. Ah, juxtaposition."
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