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Holy Mother of...Edge Affordable Housing

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If you qualify for some low-end income guidelines, we're suggesting running and not walking over to Kent Avenue to sign up for an affordable rental apartment at the Edge. Of course, you'll be living in the blocky stuff facing Kent Avenue not in the rich people's tower, but who give a f'? We're talking studios for $886 a month if you make between $37,370 and $43,000 and have a household size of one. A 1BR with a household size of two will cost you $995 and your household income will have to be $41,919 to $49,150. Applications started being taken today at NAG (101 Kent Avenue)...sorry for the late notice...and will be taken through Wednesday. Go over to Williamsburg is dead to see the complicated hours. It's an "affordable housing lottery" and we think it's only open to residents of Community Board 1. Unclear if you get to use the pool.

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The Edge

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