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Construction Watch: Another Fourth Ave. Scarano Goes Massive

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Really nice building or unspeakable atrocity? You decide. But the outlines of this humongous Robert Scarano-designed building at Fourth Avenue and 13th Street are now clear as is the puke colored brick that is going to make look a lot more like the fantabulous Novo Park Slope than a run-of-the-mill Scarano. This 12-story building being developed by Isaac Katan will have 135 units. (Anyone want to take bets on whether it'll be a nondo?) Back in the day, we called this the Olive Garden Building because of a (unfounded) rumor that one of its retail tenants would be an Olive Garden. Maybe they should call it the Laundromatic because residents will be able to toss bags of laundry down to the laundromat beneath for that all important wash and fold service.

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500 Fourth Avenue

500 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY