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Hot Shills: Landlords Tempt Tenants

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Concierge services, rehabbed spaces, reduced rents, shortened leases, free breakfast: Desperate to keep their tenants as tanking rental prices make it easy to go elsewhere, Landlords are enticing them with lavish 'concessions.' 95 Wall Street, Philippe Starck's FiDi rental building, is offering the aforementioned brekkie (plus 2 months' free rent, discounted moving services, and free cable/internet service). Competition is stiff: Former insane asylum The Octagon on Roosevelt Island appeals to the stroller set with discounted childcare and a renovated playroom -- anything to keep the baby factory at full capacity. Don't believe us? Take a quick cruise Craigslist -- even independent property owners are doing the free rent thing. Says one industry realist: "I highly doubt someone would take a rent increase just because you offer shuttle service.”
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The Octagon

888 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, New York, NY