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Burg Groups Say City Screwing Them on Housing Money

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We wouldn't normally go back this far for a story, but since it appeared over the Thanksgiving weekend when people were out of town, sleeping off dinner or getting trampled at stores at 5AM, we figure it's worth a serious visit. The lead in the Daily News story was that "the city is backing off a pledge to spend $2 million to battle tenant displacement along the Brooklyn waterfront." Part of the deal that accompanied the 2005 rezoning that allowed luxe highrises like the Edge and Northside Piers on the Burg waterfront was funding for groups to protect longtime tenants from displacement. The trouble is the city is now cutting the funds by $550,000. One community leader says "You're going to see a lot more low-income people being forced out. You're going to see an increase in harassment and neglect to get these people out because there will be no enforcement, nobody there to help them." The North Brooklyn Tenant Anti-Displacement Collaborative is losing $300,000 of its $1.3 million grant and its director says the group is going to have to ay off people that provide legal representation to tenants facing eviction or harassment. The local Council Member David Yassky, who supported the rezoning, complains, "this was a promise." A study at the time predicted rezoning could displace 2,500 people. Former Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff pledged to create the $2 million fund in a letter to the City Council before the rezoning vote. Some people say a large chunk of the money went to politically-connected groups and left others scrambling for funds. And so it goes.
· City cuts 500G from pledged $2M fund to protect renters [NYDN]

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