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Arrested Development: Jasper's Fire Put Out

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Jasper, the Murray Hill luxury condo conversion that billed itself as family-friendly despite a nightclub-like sales pitch featuring scantily-clad sirens frolicking amongst roaring open fireplaces, has gone nondo. Yes, the flotation devices have sunk. The news comes by way of the Times' Josh Barbanel, who writes that with just 43 apartments in contract, Jasper?a pre-war office building redesigned by architect Ismael Leyva?has begun refunding deposits and will instead become a 200-room boutique hotel. When we last had a look at Jasper, at 114 East 32nd Street between Lexington and Park Avenues, we marveled at the developers' attempt to hide the neighbors, perhaps no longer necessary if all the residents are short-term. The hotel will keep the name Jasper and many of the features of the condominium. On the StreetEasy forums, spurned buyers are dusting themselves off and gathering their thoughts. The now traditional memorial photo gallery appears above.
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