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It Happened One Weekend: High Line Gets Stern, Chelsea's Soused Mayor, a Mormon Grows in Brooklyn, More!

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1) The Times's look at the development boom surrounding the High Line includes all the usual suspects (Standard, High Line Building, Caledonia, Whitney, etc.), but well hello there: "And there are no signs of construction yet on a couple of lots near the 18th Street entrance to the High Line, where Edison Properties plans to build two towers designed by the architect Robert A. M. Stern. Edison did not return telephone calls seeking comment." ['Taking a Stroll Along the High Line']

2) In this lengthy musing on New York City intersections and the colorful characters that hang out at them, we meet East New York resident Cornell, who is also Chelsea's "Mayor of Seventh Avenue." An introduction: "Today, the Mayor has positioned his crate on top of the building’s exhaust vents so that he can enjoy a constant source of heat. On warmer days, he sits by the intake vents, where it’s cooler. 'We're just sitting here,' he says, 'looking and having our drinks.' [The City/Conerville]

3) A young long-haired Mormon artist heartthrob takes a tour of practically every new Downtown Brooklyn high-rise in his spiritual quest to spend his parents' money on a studio apartment. He's looking for a place where his Utah-residing folks won't worry about him, and he goes with the famed Oro, nabbing a 565-square-foot studio for $405,000. [The Hunt/Hello, Doorman]

4) Behind every East Side co-op there is a story, but in the case of this $15 million River House duplex listing, there's a mini-series. The owner is one Arlene Farkas, ex-wife to a department store heir, who moved out in 1990 and has only now cleared all the legal hurdles on her way to selling the place. Sprinkled in between: bitter divorce, a secret bonus marriage, art heists, ambassadors to Luxembourg, etc. [Big Deal/'A River House Listing, 18 Years Later']

5) What do you do when your municipal job requires you to live with the Newark city limits? In the case of this urban planner, you move to the only luxury rental building in town, Eleven80?best known for its basement bowling alley. The developers say the 317-unit downtown office building conversion is 90% leased. [Habitats/Newark]

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