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CurbedWire: Real Deal Party Actually Crowded, Much Activity Around Forward Bldg

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SOHO?The Real Deal, it seems, was bummed out that the photo we ran earlier made it look like their party last night wasn't crowded despite reports of a line across the block and a host of developers and others in attendance. And the fact that Joe Monian couldn't get in the VIP entrance and left. So, they sent us more pictures. As you can see, there are more people in this photo than in the one from this morning and all is well in the world. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LES?There is much activity around the Forward Building, the Dakota of the LES. A reader writes, "There is a new building going up fast on East Broadway about two buildings over from the Forward Building. Any idea what its going to be?" Dunno. Could he be talking about this? "Also, there is some interesting facade work on a building directly adjacent to the Forward Building. Can't make it out exactly...looks like some sort of star. There is a new building on Henry Street, directly behind the Forward Building that is almost complete. No idea what this is going to be." [CurbedWire Inbox]