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Garment District Officially on Death Watch

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The controversial and long-promised rezoning of the Garment District, held up for nearly two years while the Bloomberg administration attempted to plow through road blocks and fashion industry leaders campaigned for its continued preservation, looks like it's finally on the way. Building owners have long sought a rezoning of the area between 34th and 42nd Streets and Broadway and Ninth Avenue, arguing that the established rules for preserving production space for garment companies and workers no longer makes sense as those jobs continue to dry up. Eliot Brown reports on a potential deal between the city, a major union, building owners and others that is very long and complicated (and a good cure for insomnia), but the result is this: landlords may soon be able to more easily convert garment industry space to regular old office space, leaving some leftovers for the remaining clothing companies to scramble for. Some feel a rezoning would make the neighborhood more attractive to hotel developers. Hey, more hotels is exactly what Midtown needs!
· Union, City Sew Tentative Deal on Garment District Future [NYO]