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Party Report: Real Deal Puts Developers in Line

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Amidst swirling rumors and depressing market conditions, The Real Deal held its holiday party last night on Broome Street. According to tipsters, the place was swamped. Hey, who in the industry couldn't use a stiff drink right now? TRD has its own party recap up with quotes from attendees regarding the state of the market, but we favor this eyewitness report sent to the inbox. We weren't going to share it (inside baseball, who really cares, etc.) but everyone needs a little holiday cheer:

Attended the Real Deal Holiday Party that had a mosaic tile store in SOHO bursting with only the top RE Brokers (all starving) . Since this seems to be the only industry holiday party in town these days, it was a hot ticket item. At one point the line to get in stretched around the block, and there was super tough door crew with security guards blocking all doors. Drinks were in short supply due to turnout, but all feasted on the rumors that were circulating as quickly as the passed hor d'oeuvres. Joe Moinian showed up, could not get VIP entry to skip the block long line, so he turned around and left. Attached please find the invite and a cell phone picture snapped at the party closing time - it really was wall to wall earlier in the evening. A second party attendee confirms the Joe Moinian incident, or at least hearing that it happened. Maybe Joe should get some lessons on crashing a velvet rope from his son?
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