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Good Month for Screwed Bldgs: Sheepshead Bay Turkey Ok'd

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For those who follow buildings that have run afoul of zoning or Department of Buildings regulations these are turning out to be very heady days. The latest feather duster to be brought back as a peacock is an obscure project in Sheepshead Bay called Homecrest that notoriously flaunted DOB regulations in a way that few Brooklyn buildings are known to have done. And, it doesn't even have anything to do with Robert Scarano. (When the problem was publicized last year it was considered a poster child for everything that was wrong with DOB's shoddy regulation of projects.)

Let's sample some of the problems as listed by CityRoom:

Foundation slabs were missing. Records of required safety tests on concrete were never produced. The Buildings Department repeatedly bungled inspections. But now the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals has spoken in the case of 1610 Avenue S in Brooklyn, and it has said, “You may build.”On Tuesday, the same day the BSA gave the thumbs up to a 16-story Finger Building (a half block off Bedford Ave on N. 7 and N. 8 Street), it voted that the halted six-story, 25-unit condo in Sheepshead Bay, which the Times calls "a lightning-rod for community opposition" could go ahead. The legal fight had dragged on for three years. One opponent told a member of the BSA that "This is a kangaroo court...You should be ashamed." The response: "Have a nice day." Carroll Gardens residents are still fuming that the BSA gave the go-ahead to the controversial 360 Smith Street building to rise to 70 feet rather than the 55 feet allowed under current zoning. Critics of the BSA have occasionally whispered they think the board tends to rule with developers. WTF is the BSA anyway?
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