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Gansevoort's Landlord Thinks Standard Will Be Awesome

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Yesterday, the boutique hotel topic-du-jour was the Standard vs. the Cooper Square. Rivals in scale, size and hype, but not so much in neighborhood. Today, the Observer's Chris Shott, grand wizard of all things hotel and partying related, looks at the battle for Meatpacking District supremacy that is the Standard vs. the Hotel Gansevoort. As you can see from the above photo taken from the Gansevoort's 15th floor lounge, André Balazs's Standard is already pulling a Meier on the MePa veteran. But will it just be the view that's better when the Standard opens (maybe) on December 21? For an expert opinion, Shott spoke to Richard Born, the Hotel Gansevoort's landlord as well as Balazs's partner at Soho's Mercer hotel. Surely, given his loyalties to both sides, Born would choose his words carefully, right? Not so much!

"The meatpacking district is about to shift 500 feet to the west," predicted Richard Born, the Hotel Gansevoort's landlord. Mr. Born was talking about the forthcoming arrival of the Standard New York, hotelier André Balazs’ ambitious 18-story, 337-room lodge, erected on pillars over the elevated High Line park at the corner of Washington and West 13th Street, less than two blocks away.

Standing four stories taller and with nearly double the room capacity as the Hotel Gansevoort, with a beer garden, a pool and two restaurants, the hugely hyped Standard threatens to depose its barely four-year-old neighbor as the area’s trendiest hub.

"I think it's going to be ground zero of the meatpacking district," Mr. Born said of the new hotel, which is scheduled to open up to 150 guests rooms later this month, with the goal of becoming fully operational by spring.

"There's no way in the world it’s not going to be hugely successful," added Mr. Born.

Just like our mothers once told us: shiny and new will always beat out a load of laundry in the hearts and minds of soused foreign tourists. OK, so maybe we're paraphrasing a bit.
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