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Atlantic Yards Turns Five Today: Where's the Cake?

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Doesn't that Barclay's Center look nice? While December 10, 2003 might not rank up there with Big Days in American history, it will always carry a special meaning for Brooklynites. It's the day when Bruce Ratner, Borough President Marty Markowitz, then-Gov. George Pataki, Sen. Charles Schumer and a host of other luminaries stood on a stage and announced this incredible new thing called Atlantic Yards. There would be a arena for the Brooklyn Nets and a vast complex of buildings designed by none other than Frank Gehry. Millions of square feet of office, residential and arena space to take over the Vanderbilt Rail Yard in Prospect Heights. Thousands of apartments. A whole new city within a city. And--Yes We Can!!!!--the Brooklyn Nets would be playing there by....2006. Err. Oops on that. Try 2011, 2012, 2013 or never.

DDDB sends out birthday greetings this way to our, er, Kindergarten student:

Today we mark five years of fighting what has become the poster child for abusive over-development, development that subverts democracy, eminent domain abuse, bad government, developer and architect hubris, opaque financing, poor planning (etc.) across the city and beyond. Today, as we mark the five year struggle against the project, Mr. Ratner's land grab is at a stand still. While his real estate speculation firm is able to demolish the properties he purchased under the threat of eminent domain, he cannot start construction of his project while it faces two legal challenges in court, and the global fiscal meltdown isn't helping either. And if the plaintiffs win either of those two pending lawsuits, Atlantic Yards cannot be built.We had a stall. Now we have a halt. Who knows what we'll have on December 10, 2009.
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