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Shvo Returns to Dissect FiDi, Diss 'Cookie-Cutter' Buildings

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Michael Shvo, the brash bad boy of luxury Manhattan real estate, hasn't been seen or heard from much ever since his ambitious expansion into Dubai. We've heard constant rumors from Shvaters about cutbacks and quitters at SHVO (as his brokerage is known, of course) in New York, and his recent exposure in the city hasn't been very buzzy: a quote about foreign buyers in a business rag, moving a few hotties out to Dubai to pitch his shmancy W hotel/condo to sheiks, forcing his interns to come up with a luxury project...on the moon, etc. But the marketer extraordinaire is BACK?probably, maybe, who knows? What we can say is that this Observer story on the current woes of the Financial District is the most we've heard from Mikey in a very long time, and he has a few things to say about the neighborhood that made him. Every new Shvo quote is like unearthing a delicate flower, so let's have a look at all of them.

On the pace of FiDi development: "In the next few years you are not going to see many conversion projects in the Financial District."

On whether FiDi will revert back to post-5 p.m. wasteland: "The Financial District is beyond the point of no return."

On the rivals to his pair of projects in the area: "I wouldn't be surprised if other buildings are suffering in Lower Manhattan, especially cookie-cutter buildings still in construction; those will have a hard time selling in today's market."

On the backlog of conversions and new developments: "Before there are any new buildings, the current inventory has to be absorbed."

OK, nothing earth-shattering, especially when the stats in the story pretty much say all the same things. It's just good to have the Master of the Fucking Universe back.
· How High, FiDi? [NYO]