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Williamsburg Miracle: Stalled Building Actually Rising

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Only four weeks ago, there was maybe a floor or two showing at 70 Berry Street, which is part of the booming north end of Berry. It's neighbors with 125 N. 10, a Robert Scarano work, and our dearest and oldest friend in the Burg, 55 Berry. Suddenly, it's a building headed toward seven stories that will have 32 units. There was a Partial Stop Work Order for a while because of a crane without a permit blocking the street back when DOB was being, you know, touchy about cranes, but it was only a little bump in the road for this building designed by Armand Quadrini (aka Robert Scarano's bench warmer because he's replaced the King of Brooklyn Architects on a bunch of jobs). At this rate, the building will be done by February.

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