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Truffles Tribeca's Elitist-Shunning Elitism is Highly Addictive!

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"Oh trufflestribeca, where am I going to get these great cryptic emails from once you're all rented out?" So says a Curbed tipster about the latest curious dispatch sent out by Big Truff, the new luxury Tribeca rental development that wants to be a luxury Tribeca rental development without appearing like a luxury Tribeca rental development. That sentence made about as much sense as the 291-unit Washington Street complex's marketing campaign, the latest taste of which goes like this:

If you're expecting ...the touting of luxury and square footage ...a braggart's delight in artisinal finishes and ceiling height ...ballyhoo and cry for another example of starchitecture ...the promise of guaranteed chic ...bombastic developer speak ...the boast of hipster status ...the burden of property won't be getting it from us.

The truth is simpler ...a new building ...a respected architect ...residential rental property in tribeca ...the cast iron vernacular of the streets, free and clear of a mortgage ...ditto maintenance fee ...privacy and community ...service, service, service ...westside is the new seaside more, spend less ...experiences richer than expenses.

And sure, we could point out that the luxury-shunning, braggart-hating, chic-decrying, hipster-denying Truffles Tribeca boasts on its website about its "Trufflesprivé" residents' lounge?perfect for "sitting solo in a vintage chesterfield checking your email, scanning all the major dailies (that matter), booking your own screening of Polanski's apartment trilogy" and more?but that would be awful piggish of us. Then again, you gotta have swine to show you where the truffles are!
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