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Curbed Cup '08: What is the Neighborhood of the Year?

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Ladies and gentlemen, a moment please. The Curbed Cup, the most sought-after fake trophy in all the land, will soon be up for grabs once again. For the past four years, Curbed has closed out the year with a reader vote to award the Curbed Cup to the Neighborhood of the Year (2004, Fort Greene; 2005, Prospect Heights; 2006, West Harlem; 2007, in a shocking final vote, Long Island City). Last year we kicked things up a notch by introducing an elimination tournament to narrow the field of 16 down to a winner. We aim to do the same this year, and we need your help. Have any strong feelings about which neighborhood(s) had the biggest, best, most newsworthy 2008? Then nominate your choices in the comments so that we can seed accordingly. Here's last year's breakdown, but don't be afraid to speak up about 'hoods that may have been ignored. The Cup calls!