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Aspiring Astoria Hipsters Very Bummed About Their W

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What's a wanna' be hipster living in Astoria to do (other than live in Williamsburg or Bushwick)? There is great angst in Astoria among the young who dig hanging in Brooklyn about the MTA's plans to cut out nighttime service on the W line. We suspect they think there's nothing hip about Friday Night Bouzouki Blowouts on Astoria Boulevard. Cutting the W would be like turning off the tram and shutting the F station on Roosevelt Island at night. One dude says, "In terms of getting into Brooklyn, it's impossible...So many people live in Brooklyn. Anyone our age living in Astoria is going to have a ton of friends in Brooklyn. And it's just hard to see them." No Brooklyn? We cry hard for you, young Astorians. [TRE]