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A Much More Calm Real Estate Deal for Natasha Lyonne

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There are celebrity real estate stories, and there are celebrity real estate stories. Like the case of Natasha Lyonne. A few years back, the actress fell on some tough times. She had a few too many late night parties, made a few too many threats against neighbors (and their dogs), kept things a bit too messy and was evicted from her East 18th Street apartment by her landlord?actor Michael Rapaport, who wrote about the whole messy ordeal in Jane magazine. Drama! But now, Braden Keil reports, times have changed. A few hospital stays later, Lyonne is back on the big screen, renting in the East Village and ridding herself of a Gramercy Towers penthouse studio she picked up along the way. The closing price on the East 16th Street co-op is $440,000, and it has a 42-foot wraparound terrace that is nearly bigger than the apartment itself. So why don't you write about that in a women's lifestyle mag, Rapaport!
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