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The Death of Astroland: Iconic Rocket Could Be Sold for Scrap

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Anyone who's been to Coney Island and doesn't know the Astroland Rocket hasn't really been to Coney Island. Back in the 60s, when Astroland was a "futuristic" amusement park, it was a ride. Then it ended up as a decoration atop those stands that sell really bad food. In any case, as Astroland is slowly being taken apart and put in shipping containers, it's in danger of being sold as scrap metal. Here's an email from the Save Coney Island Group that hit inboxes last night:

Help us Save The Astroland Rocket!! We have to find a new location for the Astroland Rocket soon or it will be sold for scrap metal!! Astroland will pay to relocate the rocket if we find a space for it!! It has to be somewhere secure, where people can't vandalize it. Any ideas??Uh, maybe we were drinking heavily and imagined it, but wasn't the city supposed to be negotiating with developer Joe Sitt and working on saving Astroland for another year? Because the discussions seem to be going so, so well.

[Photo courtesy of Mr. Jonesy/Coney Island Message Board]

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