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CurbedWire: Buyers Insterested in E. Village 'Portfolio'?

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EAST VILLAGE?You know that "notorious" East Village portfolio of 17 buildings that we noted last Friday was hitting the market for $120 milliion? (That's 516-518 E. 13 Street above, which is on the market for $9.675M.) Well, a tipster writes to not that there could well be interest in the huge package: "I live in one of the buildings (338 East 11th Street). Shortly before this, some random dude came to my door telling me he had to take pictures of my apartment for insurance purposes. This same guy has now been back several times, often accompanied by one or two other people. Each time telling me they need to inspect for 'insurance purposes'. Today I saw one of them had the Massey Kanakal listing in their hands. Guess there might be some interest in buying the building after all. A bit surprising to me given that its half renovated with a few apartments gutted and sitting empty. They've probably been through my apartment a few more times, as these are just the times I was home to notice them coming in. Either way, I really wish they wouldn't lie and say they are looking at my apartment for 'insurance purposes'. I'm not really sure why they are doing that." Interesting goings on, friends. [CurbedWire]