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Red Hook Vendors May Get a Cool Home (Someday)

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Who knew there was a design competition going on for a permanent solution for the Red Hook Food Vendors that would be more attractive than the trucks and carts now parked on the street? But there was. And a little while ago, Architecture for Humanity New York and the Food Vendors Committee of Red Hook Park, Inc. announced the results of the design competition called "A New Marketplace for the Red Hook Park Vendors – An Open Call for Ideas." There are five finalists and four honorable mentions. Per the release:

Five entries were selected to be part of a team that engages in the long process of bringing a project from a design idea to a built part of the public realm. The designers of these concepts will begin collaborating with AFHny, the Red Hook Vendors, and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation at the beginning of 2009. AFHny looks forward to beginning the project’s next stage of collaboration.
Whenever the final outcome may be or, given the state of the city budget, if it will happen any time soon.
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