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Twenty9th Park Madison's Hot Model is Ready for Action

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We're not sure why, but Twenty9th Park Madison never really caught on as a blistering hot Curbed topic. Sure, we spent a bit of time introducing the 34-story H. Thomas O’Hara Architects creation on East 29th Street between?OK, you can probably figure out where it is?but that was pretty much all she wrote. An unfortunate consequence of the breakneck pace of the development boom: not all our children can be our favorite. But now that construction is slowing in the city and some projects will never get off the ground, there is a renewed focus on shiny and new inventory that is ready to be loved. Won't you love Twenty9th Park Madison?

The 142-unit building is 70% sold and ready for immediate occupancy. Still dangling out on the market are half of the building's 10 (yes, 10) penthouses on the top four floors. These 2BR, 2BA penthouses (some have home offices and a third bathroom) range in size from 1,255 to 2,070 square feet and start at $2.3 million. The Twenty9th Park Madison folks sent us over some photos of the furnished penthouse model to give an idea of what life above...Murray Hill? Gramurray? Rose Hill? Baruchville? all about. If only Jasper lived to see this day!
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