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New Eighth Ave. Bike Lanes Rolled Out to Love & Hate

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Mention the words "bike lane" in a room and half the crowd would start clapping and the other half would be cursing or foaming at the mouth. That's pretty much the reaction to new bike lanes on Eighth Avenue noted in the Villager this week. One reaction: "It's stupid!" Another reaction: "I'm thrilled!." The protected lane runs from Bank Street to 14th Street and keeps bicyclists separate from drivers. Cyclists love it. Local businesses are complaining about loss of curbside space. Because of the way the blocks are laid out "cyclists on this stretch of Eighth Ave. will not be completely separated from cars. On the block near Horatio St., for example, bike riders will share a lane with cars entering and exiting a gas station.." Bike lanes on Grand Street in Little Italy and on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea have generated their share of controversy too.
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