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Wrecking Ball Looms on Bleecker Street

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Shooting up the list of endangered Village buildings is the five-story row house at 178 Bleecker Street, which already has a demolition permit and plans on file for a new eight-story building. That's plenty enough to tweak the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, but Andrew Berman & Co. are especially perturbed because the 1861 building is in the GVSHP's proposed South Village Historic District, a 38-block, 800-building swath of Greenwich Village currently under review by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The preservationists are urging supporters to appeal to the LPC to act quickly on the South Village Historic District and prevent the building's demolition, stating in a form letter: "This would be a terrible blow not only to the proposed South Village Historic District and its 'main street,' Bleecker Street, but it would also be an unwelcome intrusion to the neighboring MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens Historic District." Bleecker Street, always a touchy subject, is especially sensitive after the terrace trim-down controversy at 159 Bleecker earlier this year. For now, the reaper cometh.
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