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CurbedWire:More on Greystone Hotel Rats, Roaches, Tenant Segregation & Students

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[Photo courtesy of Property Shark]

UWS?There are still issues at the Greystone Hotel. Per a tipster: "I’m a resident of the Hotel Greystone 212 West 91st St, covered previously here and here). the management of the building has been doing construction on the building while old tenants live there and new tenants move in. In addition to living in a construction zone for the last 2 years, the lack of water, lack of electricity, rats, roaches, ventilation problems, and holes smashed through tenants’ walls, floors, and ceilings, it has now been confirmed by several tenants that management has instituted policies to segregate tenants. Newer tenants are being offered membership to the building’s “club” for an additional fee above what they pay in rent. Membership gives them access to areas (parts of the lobby, roof deck, gym, laundry, etc.) where they do not have to mix with older tenants. Management has put in place a policy where older tenants cannot apply for membership. This means in these economically tight times, there are tenants willing to pay more money to their landlord for the same services offered to other tenants, and they are being told they will not be considered for candidates solely based on how long they have been in the building. My guess is that they don’t want older tenants talking with newer tenants about the history of the building." [CurbedWire Inbox]