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Construction Watch: The Mark, After the Face-Lift

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For a long time, The Mark's most notable Curbed contribution was serving as background dressing in all those Norman Foster 980 Madison Avenue renderings. But then the storied old hotel revealed plans for a Plaza-like renovation and hotel/condo conversion, and the top three floors were rumored to have sold for $150 million. Which didn't quite pan out, of course, but it sure as hell brought The Mark to our attention. Recently, some construction stuffs were removed, so we sent roving photog Will Femia to have a peek at the new-and-improved Mark. Looks a lot like the old one, with the addition of some patchy fill-ins where the a/c units used to be. The penthouse, once said to have 18 letters of intent from eager buyers, is still on the market for $60 million.
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The Mark Hotel

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 11101