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Lord Norm Ready to Bring 'Vertical Movement' to the Bowery

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Lord Norman Foster's design for a new art gallery on the Bowery?remember? It's the one with the glass and the glow and the big red elevator thingy?is one step closer to climbing off the canvas and into our hearts. The Real Estate filed a report late Friday afternoon that said the Sperone Westwater gallery has filed plans for the 10-story building. In the press release, the gallery shared more info on that magical massive elevator. But don't call it an elevator!

A distinctive innovation in the design is a moving exhibition space, a 12 x 20-foot moving hall that connects the five floors where works of art will be on view." The exhibition space allows visitors to move gradually between levels and will be a prominent feature along the Bowery, visible from the street, its gentle pace contrasting with the fast-moving traffic. At any given floor, the exhibition space can be extended by parking the moving hall as required. This "moving exhibit" will set a new standard in experiencing art and pioneer a novel approach to vertical movement within a gallery building.Cruddy art market be damned, the Bowery is turning into quite the culture crawl, with the New Museum located just a few doors down from Foster's gallery-to-be. However, the New Museum (so avant-garde in its time!) has no movable parts visible from the street, so we are prepared to forget it exists.
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Sperone Westwater

257 Bowery, New York, NY 10002