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NYC Exports Shaun Donovan to HUD in DC

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Over the weekend, President-elect Obama picked Shaun Donovan, head of the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development as Secretary of the perpetually troubled Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has suffered special indignities over the last eight years. Donovan concocted Mayor Bloombegr's 10-year plan to build 92,000 units of housing and preserve 73,000 existing units. The numbers, however, have been very squishy and that was before the financial crisis, inter-agency warfare in the city and really good odds the plan is a pipe dream. In other words, the perfect guy to head one of Washington's most historically cursed (and, well, corrupt) agencies especially after the budget massacres of the Bush years. For those with long memories or a fondness for anecdotes, Ronald Reagan once greeted his HUD Secretary Sam Pierce with "How are you Mr. Mayor?" [TRE]