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Burg Bike Lane Follies Redux: Clowns vs. Hasids

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The bike lane wars continue, this time in South Williamsburg, where the anti-bike-lane Hasidic community (hipster hottie bikers are very objectionable) is threatening to block lanes with school buses if necessary. Meanwhile, the local politics are getting so convoluted that one almost needs a daily score card to figure out who has taken what position or switched to another one. Pro-bike lane? Anti-bike lane? Depends on the day and the political deals that have been cut. Now we get to the "bike clowns" who will be holding a protest tomorrow, which should add a level of heretofore unseen asinine theatrics and idiocy to what is already one of the most bizarre public policy debates in all of Brooklyn. (Which is saying something.) Per a press release from the, uh, bike clowns:

Cyclists dressed as clowns will theatrically clear vehicles illegally parked in the bike lanes and educate residents about the benefits of city-wide bike lanes...Bike lane opponents, including some members of the Hasidic community who protest cyclists' "immodesty," along with Council Members Diana Reyna and David Yassky and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, are trying to remove the newly installed Kent Street [sic] bike lane. Some opponents have even publicly threatened to illegally block the bike lanes with their private-school buses, which will force cyclists into traffic to avoid crashing into the obstructing vehicle and risk being struck and even killed.At this point, we give up and just start laughing.
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