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Parts of Brookyn Smarter, Richer, Gentrified, Blah, Blah, Blah

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You almost have to hate the Census Bureau for putting out its survey that has spawned a stream of self-congratulatory stories about how Brooklyn is changing demographically and how newcomers are making the place an oh-so-richer, more educated place full of cute little ones. Now that that we've got that out of our systems. Today's Daily News is the latest in a looong series of stories to throw the stats of Brooklyn greatness at us..So here are some more highlights: The number of 25-year-olds holding at least a bachelor’s degree rose by 30%, to 438,568 people, Uh, some people think it's because of gentrification, one college prof even cites organic juice bars replacing bodegas as evidence. Duh..

Asians accounted for the borough's biggest jump, with a 21% increase, from 185,818 to 224,384 from 2000 to 2007 and the white population grew by 6%, from 1.02 million to 1.08 million. The number of African-Americans in Brookyn fell by 1%. Huge increase income were reported in Cobble Hill, Park Slope and Bedford-Stuy. Oh, and a couple of more things: All those SUV strollers in the strollers aren't an illusion.The number of kids under five in the Slope's gone up 35 percent since 2000. And--huge surprise--more people are coughing up more money for rent. The proportion of renters spending at least 30% of their income on rent's gone up from 43% to 50%.
· Youth movement fires Brooklyn boro gentrification [NYDN]