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Are Businesses Bailing on Avenue B?

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Avenue A, you're adventurous. Avenue B, you're brave. Avenue C, you're crazy. Avenue D, you're dead. It's been a while since anyone had to use that handy guide to Alphabet City, but as far as stores and restaurants are concerned, we may be seeing a return to "brave" status for Avenue B. EV Grieve has a photo gallery up chronicling the commercial woes along the block. Folks, we haven't seen this many metal shutters since we graded Shigeru Ban's homework! Thank you, thank you. Tip your waitress! Grieve counts 21 empty storefronts between Houston Street and 14th Street. What gives? Aggressive rent hikes and a stingy community board, sure, but are there other factors at play? Like, perhaps, the loss of a neighborhood totem pole?! Friends, there's bad juju all over Avenue B, and no one is safe.
· There are more than 20 empty storefronts along Avenue B [EV Grieve]