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There Goes the Nabe: Ditmas Park is the 'New San Francisco?'

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[Photo courtesy of Planetgordon.Com/flickr]

Oh man. Talk about "there goes the neighborhood," but New York Magazine has declared Ditmas Park, that cute enclave of Victorian homes in Brookyn that is kind of part of Flatbush, "the new San Francisco." Once upon a time, Ditmas Park was affordable and low key and pretty cool. But is this the ultimate kiss of death? A sign of creeping Park Slopification or BoCoCafication that will erase neighborhood character and make it just another Brooklyn "place" with generic stores and overpriced housing? NYM writes:

What New Yorker with a repressed slacker-hippie side hasn’t fantasized about ditching Gotham for calmer, quainter San Francisco? Some locals have been satisfying that yen by simply moving to Ditmas Park, the Victorian-packed enclave south of Prospect Park. It isn’t just that the West Coast metropolis and the west-of-Flatbush hamlet share an abundance of turn-of-the-century painted ladies (which in Ditmas now fetch up to $1.8 million and reach their height of Gothic-Oriental grandness on both sides of stately Albemarle Road).It's actually Reason #39 to love New York. Ditmas Park Blog reprints it without comment. It almost breaks our hearts to say this, but Ditmas Park you may be so fucked that it isn't even funny.
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