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Boerum Hill Hot Karl: Crapped Out or Getting Steamier?

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Once upon a time, Brownstoner reported that a big Hot Karl Fischer building was coming to 316 Bergen Street. Subsequently, there was some trouble during the demolition of the existing building, with collapse and rescue related activity. So what has come of this Hot Karl shitshow? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Naught. Months later the site remains an abandoned lot with a few piles having been driven into the ground. In fact, it looks so much like some abandoned construction sites around Williamsburg, that if you didn't know you were in Boerum Hill, you'd swear you were in the Burg. The Hot Karl was planned as a seven-story building with 39 apartments. Ah, but wait. What's that scaffolding around the adjoining building at 101 Third Avenue? It seems Hot Karl has filed an application "for partial removal of building that will be integrated as part of new building..." The plan would be for five more units. Sadly, the renderings are locked deep inside the Hot One's vault. It's unclear if the development has financing to go ahead in the current market. It's pretty much across the street from the Wyckoff Gardens housing project.
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