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CurbedWire: Two New Landmarks, Fashionista Unimpressed by Cooper Square Hotel

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EAST VILLAGE & MIDTOWN?Yesterday the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to give landmark status to St. Nicholas Church at Avenue A and East 10th Street and the former Society House of the American Society of Civil Engineers (now Lee's Art Shop) at 220 West 57th Street (near Broadway). Of the brick and terra cotta Renaissance Revival-style church, designed by St. Patrick's Cathedral and Grace Church architect James Renwick Jr. and built in 1883, the LPC said, "This lively, picturesque church has anchored the neighborhood for more than 100 years and served thousands of immigrants as they tried to adapt to their new country." The four-story 220 West 57th Street, a French Renaissance Revival-style cutie built in 1897, "still retains a strong presence on the street and has been adapted for reuse by a wide range of noteworthy businesses.” City Room has some more history on both new landmarks. [CurbedWire Inbox]

THE BOWERY?The Cooper Square Hotel, in a soft-open mode, is far from ready. The restaurant, bar, outdoor garden and most of the rooms still need heavy duty work. We know it, you know it, they know it. That being said, this rant is still pretty damn funny: "I'm one of those people who hook up the locations for the fashion industry's fashion and advertising photo shoots, so I make it my business to find the newest, best looking hotels and private residences in the city. Usually, hotels are eager to show me around, and being the building fetishist that I am, love to see them."
I had an appointment at the Cooper Square Hotel with the sales team, and I arrived to people standing around in the lobby holding notebooks and portfolio pads. There is no desk. I was five minutes early and thanks to my runny nose I asked for a restroom. After an initial look of fear on the girl's face, she said "oh um someone can escort you to the restroom" (?).. i'm taken up 4 floors on an elevator, then we walk down 1 flight of stairs to the 3d floor, down through corridors walking on plastic and construction materials, marks all over the walls, you get the picture. I felt like I needed a hard hat. The explanation of course being that "the hotel won't be ready for another couple of months." Finally I arrive to a bathroom inside a future guest room, with a piece of paper on the door with "MEN" scribbled in pen. The bathroom itself littered with garbage and construction stuff, and the toilet yellow with urine and toilet paper unflushed. Um, impressed? No. This place is completely not ready, and from what I can see it won't look like anything when it is.Just sour grapes because someone already landed the first photo shoot? [CurbedWire Inbox]

St. Nicholas National Shrine

130 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10006