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Brooklyn Development to Proceed at More Orderly Pace

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We're trying to avoid a landslide of depressing development news, so let's start with the happy aspect of the latest figures on building permits in Brooklyn: they are going to allow for a much more orderly pace of development and for much greater quality of life. Also, calls to 311 about construction shitshows are going to plummet. So, here's the news, as per today's Post:The Wild West atmosphere of Brooklyn residential development seems to have gone the way of the buffalo, according to recent building permit data. The issuance of new permits in October 2008 is down a staggering 88 percent compared to the ‘Age of the Bulldozer,’ October 2004, U.S. Census Bureau data reveals. In October 2008, 26 permitted buildings, or 127 permitted units, were issued, compared to 210 buildings and 675 units, for the same month in 2004, the data shows.In October '05 there were 126 new permits and there were 111 in October '03. The new figures are comparable to, uh, October 1997. Now, come one, think of the drop in complaints about after-hours work to DOB. Consider all the rabid anti-development people who are going to look less like Cujo and more like Lassie. An 88 percent drop? Holy Freaking Shit.
· Census Pegs Drop in New Building at 88 Percent [NYP]