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SHENANIGANS: A Tale of Two Candelas on West End Ave.

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Apartment #4C in the Crestmont building at 522 West End Avenue sold back in September for $675,000, sayeth StreetEasy, and is now back on the market via Elliman for $799,000. It's a 1BR, 2BA co-op made up of 1,100 square feet of pre-war, Rosario Candela-designed charm. Apartment #C4 in the same building, also for sale through Elliman, happens to have the same price and dimensions, but is listed as a two-bedroom with a prospective floorplan and the disclaimer, "This home needs to be built out." Clearly the same apartment, so what gives? One StreetEasy forum member has a theory:

522 West End Ave. Apt. 4C, or C4 if you prefer. Some flipper buys UWS wreck of a Rosario Candela apt. for 675K in Sept. 2008. Current configuration of the apt. is 1br/2bt. After holding the apt for 3 months and sweating in fear, flipper decides to list the apt as a 1 br, but quickly realizes that buyers may be turned off by the obvious flipping. Therefore, he inverts the denomination of the apt. (C4 instead of 4C), comes out with a bogus floorplan that shows it as a 2br but actually says in the heading that it's the same apt 4C. Brokers are the same for both listing, so they are obviously in the game. I would offer him 450K.
Such cynicism! Perhaps the brokers just thought the apartment sounded cooler when named after C4 explosive? Cue the "It's the bomb!" marketing campaign!
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