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Freakin' Bike Clowns Do Williamsburg

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Oh, Williamsburg, you have become so boring in some respect with all your slow moving developments and bland new buildings, but how you can still entertain. There are Bike Clowns who rode through the Burg this morning to protest a desire to eliminate new bike lanes in the Hasidic community and elsewhere. The campaign is called "Love your Lanes." Per Vos lz Neias:

They met at the park at the foot of the Williamsburg bridge, about 20, in clown gear. Some of them in party hats, and some with little construction cones. Almost no one wore a helmet. The rode down North 4th street where they confronted a taxi driver who was backing up on the bike lane. A rider, a man with a construction hat, explained to the driver about the "grave danger" he puts them through by his behavior. When he moved they were all clapping and cheering for him.
You go, Bike Clowns.
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