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The 117 Million Dollar Dare

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Earlier this year, 2 East 67th Street saw the biggest co-op deal ever when the 11th floor sold to Jonathan Tisch for $48 million, but there is potential in the building for so much more, Max Abelson writes: "For over half a year, mega-broker Dolly Lenz has been listing the building’s fifth floor, now asking $39.5 million; since June, the front half of the fourth floor has been on with Sotheby’s agent Serena Boardman for $22 million; late last month, Brown Harris Stevens’ Kathy Sloane listed Greek pharmaceutical executive Athanese Lavidas’ third-story sprawl for $43 million. So when Ms. Boardman listed the back half of the fourth floor last week for $12.5 million, it meant that, near-freakishly, three entire consecutive floors were all officially on the market." That's $117 million for all three floors, if you can sneak by the board. [NYO]

2 E 67th St

2 East 67th Street, Manhattan, NY 10065