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Introducing the 2008 Curbed Cup Competition

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As teased last week, today begins the elimination tournament that will choose the winner of the Curbed Cup, our neighborhood of the year for 2008. The Cup will officially be presented in the days leading up to New Year Eve as the piece de resistance of our traditional year-end awards that span the real estate, architecture, urban planning, and neighborhood realms.

For those who like backstory, let us note that last year's contest engendered some controversy when the crazy cats at worked to propel their nabe, Long Island City, to an improbable victory. Though that sort of electioneering is, of course, encouraged, this year we're mixing things up by focusing on the year's most newsworthy microneighborhoods. Yes, prepare to groan and riot in the comments as the nominees are unveiled over the next few days. Once we're through the first round, we'll post up a bracket to make following the paths to the finals that much more fun. Everyone ready? This gigantic fake trophy isn't going to award itself, friends.
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