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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Gramercy's Key to Success

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Location: 60 Gramercy Park North #6B
Asking: $2,300,000

There was a lot of commode controversy (is it that big a deal to tinkle in the maid's room?) and talk of renovations, but few commenters tossed in their two cents on this white-glove co-ops recession-proof advantages: a view of Gramercy Park, and a key to get inside. Still many recognized the value of said amenities?or at least the value as they pertain to asking price?and guessed in the realm of $2.3 million, though one anonymous friend did blurt out the correct price in the midst of some trash talk. And we did love this analysis from another guest: "Park is sexy. Pee-through bedroom excellent excuse to show off objects d'art. Seller has probably had smoke blown up skirt. I'll say $2.4 million asking." Should've lightened up on the smoke!
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60 Gramercy Park North

60 Gramercy Park N, New York, NY 10010