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On the Racked: Dosveedanya Kira Plastinina, Kate Moss Goes Century 21, Jimmy Choo Shoe War

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1) Everywhere: God no. It's been announced that Kira Plastinina, the Russian teenage "designer" and retail mogul, will be closing most (if not all) her US stores due to the poor economy. Per Racked: "What's amazing about this is that the paint's barely dried on most of them. It was only last January that the first whisperings about a Kira Plastinina invasion began, and her first US store at 594 Broadway in Soho opened in May, followed by two more locations uptown." Heartbreak.

2) FiDi: And, now, OMG. Kate Moss's Topshop clothing has been found with big discounts at Century 21.

3) Soho: Polyester clubwear specialist Amsterdam Boutique is taking advantage of a decrepit doorway on Howard Street. Their newest store, arriving between their current locations at 365 Canal Street and 454 Broadway, lands only steps away from the new Nike Sportswear and American Apparel stores.

4) Chelsea: Look, even if you don't care about shoes you must see this photo gallery of the Jimmy Choo shoe sale. Think of it as World War III, but for shoes.